Three golden tips to consider when buying a new car

June 5, 2014 By Usher

You want to buy a new car, right? It is very important to make sure that you are armed with all the required information to guide you before embarking on this journey of buying a car. The first thing that you might want to do is to visit a website of the manufacturer, like the BMW website. There are certain tips which you must take into account when buying a new car. Some of these are highlighted below.

· Start your search from online platforms

The best way to start your search for a new and affordable car is usually through the internet. Don’t start by directly visiting the showrooms. There are millions of car dealers in the internet, but you must be very careful to avoid scammers who have recently invaded the internet and are only there to swindle unsuspecting customers. The biggest disadvantage when buying a car from showroom is the fact that the sales people there are only after making a huge commission out of you. Therefore, you might actually end up buying a car at a very high price.

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· Do not pick more than one dealer to do the demonstration for you

Here, you are advised not to visit every other dealer whom you have spoken with. Just inform the ones you call that you are purposing to visit one dealership only making it clear that the dealer of your choice is the one who will offer you a lowest price without compromising your set standards.

· Try to purchase your vehicle towards the end of the month

Buying a car at the end of any month or at least towards that period of time, will certainly help you get your car at a much cheaper rate. This is the case because dealers, on the other hand, pay what they call floor plan for every car that is in the lot. Therefore, many of them don’t actually like paying that floor plan since it quite some substantial amount of money; and as a result, they usually want to sell their cars as quick as possible before it hits the end of any month.

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