Springtime is Tune-up Time

August 10, 2017 By Usher

A tune-up should be done annually and many people like to schedule one in the spring, after winter driving. A simple tune-up is vital to ensuring a vehicle performs properly and it can catch problems before they are costly repairs.

The Basics of Car Care

Doing a tune-up involves more than an oil change; it requires an inspection of a variety of components to ensure the vehicle is running at its maximum efficiency.

During a tune-up, a mechanic may:

  • inspect the battery to ensure the connections are clean and tight and it has sufficient charge
  • change the oil and replace the air filter
  • clean fuel injectors and change the fuel filter if necessary
  • replace the spark plugs
  • remove the distributor cap and inspect
  • inspect the brakes, exhaust system, drive belt and timing belt
  • give the cooling system a once-over
  • check and top up fluids such as transmission, coolant and brake fluids
  • check vacuum and coolant hoses; check belts for cracking
  • remove winter tires and install tires appropriate for summer driving

The backyard mechanic can do a simple tune-up and check for any problems that may require the attention of a professional. Regular maintenance is a good substitute for hefty bills at the mechanic’s.

Additional Tune-up Components

It is important to change the fuel filter at least twice a year on fuel-injected vehicles. This simple procedure will make the vehicle more fuel efficient and improve performance.

One thing that is often forgotten is the oxygen sensor, which is located near the catalytic converter. The sensor tells the engine how much fuel it needs and the vehicle will run rough and have poor fuel economy when it needs replacing.

Using proper coolant during the hot summer months is very important because a vehicle runs hotter with just water than with the recommended water/coolant mix.

Importance of Exterior Car Care

Winter can leave a vehicle with unwanted dents and dings and spring is the perfect time to get your vehicle looking spiffy again. Use a trusted automotive service provider for bodywork repairs or a new paint job that comes with a guarantee.

Many bodyshops offer exterior and interior cleaning services or use one of the great cleaning and polishing products available in auto parts stores to get the job done at home.

Spring is a good time to replace cracked windshields or repair rock chips in the glass.

Keeping a car looking good may not improve its performance but it will extend the life of its body and increase its resale value. If you have problems with ants or any other pest in your car, we recommend that you read this article – http://automotiveward.com/how-to-get-rid-of-ants-in-car-in-5-simple-steps/.

Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is a good way to prevent problems from becoming costly repair jobs. Most mechanics recommend that a vehicle be serviced every 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometres for optimum performance.

Every car manufacturer has its own maintenance schedule for different aspects of the vehicle and drivers must take into account their driving habits when scheduling maintenance.

Taking time to do a proper tune-up in the spring is always a good idea because it will keep it running properly and can detect potentially costly problems early. A properly maintained vehicle will be safer, more cost-effective and last up to 50 per cent longer.