Keeping Your Car Safe

August 3, 2014 By Usher

There is nothing worse than getting a fabulous new car and then it getting damaged in some way. If you scratch it or dent it, then that is annoying enough, but if someone else does, then this can be really infuriating. There are some things that you can do to keep it safe.

Park in a Safe Place

It is wise to make sure that you leave your car parked in a safe place. At home, try to park it in a garage if you an. If not on a driveway then park it as close to your house as possible. Make sure that it is always in sight from the house if you can. It is also important when you are out and about to park it safely. Use a car park that has CCTV cameras if you can. If you are parking on the road, try to park on one that has not too much traffic, where an accident could happen and the car get damaged but that has quite a few pedestrians so there would not be a quiet opportunity for someone to break in to it.

keep your car safe

Park Away from other Vehicles

It is a good idea not to park really close to other vehicles. This is because they could dent or scratch the car when they are manoeuvring away. There is also the chance that you may do the same thing. Also when the doors are being opened they can touch the car next to them if people are not careful and so do not park to tightly next to another vehicle. You might be careful when opening doors, but it doesn’t mean that they will be.

Fit a Car Alarm

If you do not already have an alarm on your car then look in to fitting one. These can be a great deterrent as if someone sees there is one, they may choose to break in to or damage a different car. There are plenty of places where you can get car security car alarms & accessories and so you can fit it yourself if you wish. You will also be able to get a garage to do it for you, should you wish to get help with the job. Many cars are already fitted with alarms but you need to make sure that the alarm is working properly. Test it from time to time just to be sure.