Keep Penalty Points at Bay – 5 Laws To Know

April 1, 2020 By Usher

When it comes to being safe on the road, you know the drill: drive defensively, watch out for posted road signs, and make sure that you slow down in adverse weather…you get the idea. But what if there are new laws that you haven’t considered? Missing one of those could mean heavy fines and penalty points on your licence. Who wants that, anyway? Not us, and we certainly wanted to make sure that you weren’t caught up in something you couldn’t get out of easily. That’s why we wanted to give you as much information as possible long before you could ever possibly need it. We’re grateful to the team over at Pass ‘N’ Go for helping us get the inside scoop and keep those insurance premium-spiking points off our record.

Below are snapshots of the five big laws you need to know about.

driving laws

1. Cannabis Use Can Cost You Big

A lot of people are still debating about legal cannabis use across the country, but for the time being, the law is pretty clear on the subject. Not only can you be considered driving under the influence if you intake cannabis, but other drugs like cocaine and ecstasy are part of that as well.

2. No Paper Necessary

It used to be that you could always expect two documents: the photocard and the paper counterpart. However, that’s been done away with and now it’s just the photocard. If you aren’t up to speed, you might worry about if they have the right information for you on file. The good news is that they indeed have the correct information and they don’t need your assistance anymore. Always a good thing to keep in mind, wouldn’t you say?

3. Smoking Will Now Cost You Big Time

Is tobacco worth it? Some people say that they’ve been smoking too long to give it up now. Other people believe that they can quit, just not right now. Either way, you want to make sure that you aren’t smoking while carrying a minor of any age. That’s going to come with heavier fines, which means that it might be time to figure out how to quit while you’re ahead.

4. Prescription Drug Abuse Can Still Haunt Your Record

Abuse of legal drugs isn’t a new problem, but it’s one the driving laws are trying to correct. Just like you can get into trouble for being under the influence of illegal drugs, the legal ones can get you into trouble as well. It’s best to avoid abusing your prescriptions, and to seek help if that’s going to be a problem.

5. Speed limit hike for HGVs

Driving an HGV? You’re now allowed to drive at a higher speed than everyone else. You can look forward to driving on single carriageways at 50mph and dual carriageways at 60mph.

There are always updates to laws that have a direct impact on public safety. Smart motorists know to continue to look at these laws and make sure that they’re covered. And you’re a smart motorist, so don’t hesitate to look over this guide!