Inchcape Volkswagen fully embraces the Green Revolution

June 14, 2016 By Usher

When the dust settled and a new construction project finished, we looked at the interesting space just west of central London and found a lot more than just a state of the art showroom facility. Volkswagen is a thriving brand in the UK, with plenty of committed fans all searching for the best deal possible.

What does it mean to “go green”? People say that they’re committed to green initiatives, but it’s nice to see a company actually living up to the hype. At the new facility right off of the A4, guests will see a beautiful vertical garden, watered through on-site rainwater collection. Solar energy panels are all over the building, helping reduce energy costs and contribute renewable energy to the center.

inchcape volkswagen green

The showroom helps customers go green as well — instead of driving everywhere they need to go in order to see a specific Volkswagen model, they can simply look at the entire selection from one central location.

Use of tablet computers and free Wi-Fi allows the buying public to reduce transportation costs and increase satisfaction all at the same time. When it comes to becoming more aware of the environment, sometimes it’s all about the resources that we choose to use.

Pre-owned vehicles promote the reuse of resources, and two whole floors are dedicated to this category of vehicle, which is thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality possible. Buyers can rest assured that no matter which car they decide to get from Inchcape Volkswagen, they’re going to be satisfied with their purchase.