Best Hybrid Car: Which One Is It?

November 6, 2014 By Usher

Hybrid cars are on the cusp of becoming the next wave or phenomenon when it comes to the latest innovation in the world of the automobile industry. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that the fuel costs keep on rising while the prices of hybrid cars continue to go down. Not only are hybrid cars very user and environmentally friendly, they also perform at the same, if not better, level if compared to traditional gas-powered cars.

It is because of these advantages that many people are searching for the best hybrid car. Though many people might deem this subject as relative, we can still do some research and collate all relevant facts that will eventually lead us to the best hybrid car per category that is available in the world today.

Compact or Hatchback Hybrids

toyota prius 2014

Although EPA as an automobile standard now reports different data when it comes to gas mileage of every car, Toyota Prius is still the undisputed champion. Based on the miles per gallon measure of performance, it is a clear fact that Toyota Prius is the best hybrid car under this particular category. The tight Prius hatchback utilizes an electric motor that is supported by a gasoline engine. At speeds that are fit for city driving, the electric motor generally runs by itself, while the gas-powered engine kicks in only to assist when more power is needed.

Real fuel or gas mileage examinations confirm that a driver can expect a forty-six miles per gallon rate when uses mixed driving for Toyota Prius. In addition to greater gas mileage, Toyota Prius has a spacious interior compared to its major competitors, particularly the Honda Civic Hybrid. Its look is also very distinguishable from the rest and this makes it the best hybrid car that fetches many positive consumer reviews. The estimated price of this car is about twenty six thousand dollars.

Middle-Sized Hybrid Sedan

Toyota Camry 2014

Many respected critics say that for this category, it is the Toyota Camry that should be considered as the best hybrid car. If this particular Toyota hybrid car product is compared to the Prius, this one has definitely a more spacious interior and the reviews that this car gets easily outshines major competitors like the Honda Accord.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid almost looks the same just like any other Camry car products, with all features retained that grabbed the attention and favor of most families who prefer this particular brand from anything else (with the usual exception of the cargo space that is definitely lessened because of the bulky battery pack).

Fuel economy for this particular brand is also great, though it doesn’t match the Toyota Prius. This is true even if they share a common hybrid system (since they are manufactured by the same car company). In addition to the positive reviews that have been cast for this car product, many also say that the test cars that were used during mandated car checking and inspection gave excellent results.

Budget Car

Saturn Aura Green Line

Look no further because the Saturn Aura Green Line is the champion, the best hybrid car for this particular category, featuring a fuel economy that is twenty-five percent better than a conventional car that features a gas-only version of combustion engine. On the plus side is the relatively cheap selling price of around 23 thousand dollars.

The downside is that compared to the more advanced technology of say the Prius, the engine does not save as much on fuel. This is because the hybrid technology used for this car is a relatively simple or “mild” one. So in sum, it’s a good compromise between the traditional gas-guzzlers and the more expensive hybrids.