Behold, the Audi A8

November 24, 2012 By Usher

There’s something hot about a sexy car — especially when it’s in the executive car category. These are cars that just make us feel financially stable just looking at them. We imagine that if we owned one of these, we’d feel on top of the world, unstoppable, and ready to take on anything and everything that life brings us.

Yet in the real world, it isn’t really like that, is it? We learn that a car…is really a car…but it’s what you bring to the table that makes it come to life.

If you’re in the market for a car like the Audi A8, you might feel that it’s time to reward yourself. You’ve worked hard, you’ve made all of the right moves…so why not drive a car that boasts this point proudly? Why not own a vehicle that says to the world that you are truly someone that is moving, shaking, and breaking all the old school rules?

Okay, okay, that’s enough chatter. Let’s give you what you — and just about any other car fan — is really looking for when it comes to info on the Audi A8.

The Audi A8 brings a lot to the table. For 2013, you’re getting some new engines to choose from, as well as new trims.

When it comes to engines, you’re going to have a nice 500 horsepower, 6.3-L W12, but you can upgrade from there. You can get a twin-turbo 4.0-L V-8, or a supercharged 3.0-L V-6. There’s an S8 model that has a bigger engine (520-hp twin-turbo 4.0-L V-8!)

No matter what you pick, you’re going to have an eight-speed automatic transmission coupled with the classic Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

There’s rumors of a hybrid version of the A8, where you would be able to run on both gas and electric power, but that’s not going to be coming out for a while. Audi headquarters has been staying silent on the matter, which could really mean anything at this point.

Now, the Audi A8 ranges from $78500 to $133,500 — it just depends on the options that you select.

When you see it, it’s gorgeous. It’s a super luxury car, but it’s not as expensive compared to some other models. The engine power might not be as much, but it’s fun to drive. Early adopters of the A8 raved endlessly about how smooth the ride is.

This is a car that has plenty of cabin and cargo space — most people looking for luxury cars already have family, believe it or not, so it makes sense that Audi would design a car to meet their needs. This car is about 208 inches in length (the L version), which means you won’t have space concerns. Everything should pretty much fit, and you won’t feel squished as you drive around town or anywhere else you want to be.

The interior of the A8 is designed for comfort. There’s a six-CD changer in the glove box, and the seats have a massage function. Talk about luxury! The interior details are on point as well — a lot of brushed metal, leather, and even some wood if that’s what you want.

Another interesting point — the A8 turns itself basically into a Wi-Fi hotspot. So if you always wanted to check your email on the go from a Wi-Fi device or just to occupy the kids on long road trips, you can get that done with ease.

Safety is top priority in all Audi models, so it’s no surprise the A8 is no different. You have a Driver Assistance Package that can include adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning system and even a blind spot warning system. While early reviews panned the safety, we had to wonder…just how much safety are you looking for? Driving any car can be dangerous, so the driver has to be aware of that. For what it’s worth, the A8 has gone through its own crash testing cycle and is deemed to be top of the class in terms of safety.

Think carefully on this car. It can come in a wide variety of exterior paints, which means that your favorite color has probably been done with this vehicle. That’s all the more reason to get down to an Audi showroom and take this baby out for a spin — what are you waiting for?